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Rachel Anabel


My name is Rachel, I am a multidisciplinary artist, born in 1993 in Jerusalem, currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

My work spans the fields of film, theatre, and performance art, while constantly stretching and blurring boundaries between them.

The theme of belonging is a major focus of my art, explored in a variety of ways and genres.

As a performer and visual artist, I view art as a transformative experience, rather than entertainment.

Through art and movement, I aim to connect the audience and myself to a deeper truth, and dive together into an experience.

Through it, I explore ecstatic states, rituals, mythologies, dreams, nightlife, and physical bodywork, mostly using surreal and amorphic visual elements to express concepts, feelings, and my own experience as a human being

There is no specific genre to my work - sometimes it's funny and sarcastic, sometimes it's dark and melancholy, sometimes both ;)

I'm always up and open for artistic collaborations, in Israel or abroad!

Check out my portfolio and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Note: The situation in Israel-Palestine is intense these days, and I condemn any form of violence - both the Israeli government's and H@mas's actions.

As a way to speak out and keep the flame of hope for a better world burning, I find it important to keep creating and engaging in art.

My wish is for peace, love, and liberation for everyone. 

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